Metal Forming and Rolling Services Based in Statesboro GA, & Serving Clients Nationwide

Metal Forming Services in Statesboro GAIt’s one thing to get your hands on quality materials. It’s quite another to mold them into the custom shapes and designs that you need. Metal rolling services can give you the freedom to create virtually any form you need out of the high-grade materials you have come to trust.

Whether your needs are agricultural, architectural, paper mill repairs, steel mill repairs, ship repairs or anything in between, our custom-rolled metal can get the job done.

With a wide range of rolling techniques, we can offer you exact results. If you have a project with Aluminum, Abrasion Resistant Plate, Carbon Steel, or Stainless Steel we want work for you. The experts at Fox Ridge can handle a wide range of metals and combine them with fabricating and joining services to ensure you get everything just the way you need it.


Roll Forming

At Fox Ridge, we offer optimized roll patterns to provide metal solutions to big challenges. We can provide large metal fabrications, and we can get into precision-parts crafting. Whether your project is massive or small and specific, our roll-forming techniques are able to produce the metal results you need.

When you need a shaped metal that can handle hard tasks, you want a fabrication method that is reliable, affordable, and consistent. Roll forming has been the go-to for metal shaping for decades, and that’s because it produces what you need every time. Whether you’re working with ferrous or nonferrous metals, we have the tools to create the forms you need with one of the most trusted methods in metalworking.


Customer Satisfaction

At Fox Ridge Steel there is a team of workers that want to make sure our customers are satisfied with the work we preform. From the bidding of the project, to purchasing material, to fabrication and to delivery each step is important. We will be in contact it you desire to give a progress report at each step.

At the end of the day we want your customer to say to you, “Great Job”!

Every project we receive our goal is on time delivery and a customer that is very well pleased.